Bachie Recap: Cass’s Badgie Blinkers

Well, another episode of Bachie down Badgie is nearly getting his girlfriends down to a solid dozen. Well done.

Badgie and Sophie had a single date and he interrogated her as to why she has not yet opened up to him even though this is the first time they were alone together since she got out of the limo, sooooo…..


Romy slagged off all the girls to Bachie’s sister which is definitely the best way to come across as a nice wholesome girl with your brother’s best interests at heart. The only thing that would have made this better is if she’d worn her ‘the future is female’ t-shirt. She told Sister Badgie that Cass is very young, immature and walked in already in love with Badgie, so she’s definitely 100% right, but still a horrible person.

Cass walked around with her Badgie Blinkers on at the cocktail party and finally locked our curly locked lad down for a chat where she confessed her undying love for him and he pretty much said “yeah, nah”.

You could actually see the moment her heart broke.


Blair was sent home after a long monologue by Cat about how she was done with the whole show and definitely couldn’t do it anymore and Badgie obviously doesn’t appreciate a good woman, but she got a rose so she’s happy.

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