Bachie Recap: Unknown girl has mass sass

Well, there was less Osher on screen that I would personally like and a ridiculous game involving arrows and jail and I’m not quite sure why they needed Allianz Stadium for this. Cat got some one-on-one time with Badgie after winning best and fairest and I’m still laughing.

At the cocktail party, there were lots of sequins, Chandon and people finally realising Cat is, in fact, Regina George. There were also lots of shots of Cassie giving side eye to anyone existing near Badgie.

not bothered.JPG
Not bothered

Cat was surprised that young Badgie took so long to give her a rose because she’s such a lovely person who only has nice things to say about everyone.

Two girls whose names I don’t know left but SHUT THE FRONT DOOR because one of them walked right up to Badgie and dropped the line of the century

“I can’t believe I shaved my legs for this”

Step aside, Bey, there’s a new Queen in town.

Yassssss girl


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