Bachie Recap: Vanessa Sunshine is amazingly apathetic

Well, there’s been tears. There’s been backstabbing. There’s been awkward attempts to garner popularity in the house.
And that’s just in Canberra.
In the Bachie Mansion, Cass has reached a solid five on the stalker scale and it’s both amazing and uncomfortable to watch. Brooke is still working on teaching Badgie about football, which he’s definitely not ever heard of once in his curly haired life. Vanessa Sunshine actually looked mortified and confused beyond belief (not actually that unbelievable TBH) that she had to spend one-on-one time with Badgie and I’m beginning to think she’s never watched this show before and thought she was signing up for The Block.

Not thrilled

The two Kaylas have been sent home. Who knows why – because our Badgie didn’t want to have to remember which Kayla/Cayla was which or because he didn’t want a girlfriend who was an energy healer with crystals OR a girlfriend who jumps in pools fully clothed. Who knows? Christina also left. I don’t have anything funny to say because I have absolutely no idea who she is.
This leaves us with 17 eligible online influencer hopefuls/bachettes in the mix and isn’t it wonderful to see polygamy alive and well.

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